Veterans' Affairs

Compassion and Fairness - The Common Sense Approach

" Respecting our veterans includes providing them the ways and means they so desperately need to reintegrate into our lives and serve us again as productive members of our civilian community. "

Veterans Supportive Housing Act

Steve supports funding extensions to assist veterans who are homeless and have fallen on hard times. This provides homeless vets with increased access to housing vouchers and VA clinical services.

Fair Access to Insurance for Retired (FAIR) Heroes Act

Steve supports the proposed bipartisan legislation, co-sponsored by District 3's, Rep. Rosen, that would provide disabled veterans, who are medically retired from the military, the ability to choose between TRICARE and Medicare Part B, whichever health plan works best for their families. This bill could potentially save many veterans up to $1,300 a year on their health care costs. .

Jobs for Veterans Act

Steve supports the proposed law to increase the work opportunity tax credit for employers who hire veterans discharged or released from active military duty after September 11, 2001. .

The Securing the Electric Grid to Protect Military Readiness Act

Steve supports the bipartisan bill introduced by Congresswoman Rosen requiring the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on significant risks to the national electric grid, the effect those risks pose to military readiness, and measures to mitigate those risks.

Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program

Steve supports the expansion of DoD' s Cyber Scholarship Program which will benefit DoD' s cyber workforce. Students receiving these funds owe DoD time post-graduation.


Steve supports legislation to limit increases to TRICARE premiums, provide free postal benefits for troops in combat zones, provide disability compensation for PTSD, allow military retirees to pay their health care premiums with pre-tax dollars, expand the eligibility for concurrent receipt of military retired pay and veterans' disability compensation, and provide education and respite care support services for family caregivers.

VA Portability Health Care

Steve supports legislation to help veterans access care at private facilities when they are unable to do so at VA centers in a timely manner.

Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment (BRAVE) Act

Steve supports legislation that will increase veteran employment at companies that compete for VA contracts. The Act authorizes the VA Secretary, when awarding federal contracts, to give preference to companies with high concentrations of full-time veteran employees.

Women Veterans Access to Quality Care Act

Steve supports the bipartisan bill to improve health care for the over 2 million women veterans. It requires full-time OB/GYN doctors at all VA medical centers.